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This is a website devoted to offering you the very best free and open-source games in a handy self-contained .exe file that requires no installation.

All of the games available on this site are either freely distributable in accorndance with the open-source licence for that particular game or they are freeware and permission has been given for the games to be re-packaged and distributed from this site.

Why make games portable?


Portable games do not need to be installed for them to function (all data is stored within a single .exe file) so there is no chance of being infected with viruses / spyware or any other kinds of malware.

This is a common problem amongst free games.




Portable games are ready to run applications and can be transfered from computer to computer via an USB drive or any other kind of mobile data storage system.

Portable games can also be used on computers that you may not have Administrator level permission on like a work / school / college computer. - game icon  

All of the games available to download on this site are 100% free and full games available to share however you like.

All games on this site are available for direct download.

There are no trial or demo versions of games on this site.

There are no pirated / warez games on this site.

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